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Home Sharing Operators May Be Wary Of Cumbersome Proposed Rules

After 4 decades of consultations and research, it is still a no-go for short-term lease of properties here in Singapore regardless of the popularity of home-sharing services including Airbnb.URA doesn’t have proceed with proposed changes to short-term remains When some homeowners or investors may have been waiting with bated breath for the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) to act on the proposed modifications to guidelines for short-term remains, they have sadly decided not to do so for now.A proposed frame was mooted to permit owners of strata-titled improvements to rent units outside to get short-term remains with permission from owners. Landlords of those units could have also had to register their units and there might have been a cap of 90 days a year.Owners of private properties are allowed to rent their possessions out only for periods of over 3 weeks. There’s not much wiggle room to bypass the rules because it’s illegal to rent out a personal property for short term accommodation below the Planning Act.Offenders may risk imprisonment terms of up to 12 weeks and fines of up to $200,000.Home-sharing operators Could Be wary of suggested rules that are clumsy When some homeowners might be renting out their units for the short-term on the residents in precisely the same development might be getting tired moving in and from neighboring units.Homeowners who have however endorsed the rule-changes are convinced of the chance without causing disturbance or distress to other residents to host guests.Despite most of those 1,000 private homeowners that were surveyed annually in spite of their suggested principles, home-sharing sites might, however, find the prerequisites too restrictive.URA is, however, open to track the situation and might examine the situation at the future. Home-sharing operators such as Expedia’s Airbnb and HomeAway hope that Singapore’s government will create a framework which will be viable sans high entrance barriers.

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